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Robbie Mack
Hometown: Canton 
So they told me I had to write a new bio…I hate bio’s. “About me” sections or whatever. I never know what to say. I never know if it’s gonna be too long, too short…if I’m gonna reveal too much…is this bio gonna make me look douchey? And I feel like the only people who read bio’s are kinda stalker-ish (HI STALKERS!!!)
Instead of a bio, I will present random things about me that I deem important and you probably won’t. If you truly wanna know more about me (and I have no idea why you would…), follow the twitter or like the facebook over on the left.
–I’m Rob. But you’ve probably figured that out by now

–I don’t like long walks on the beach. Short walks are ok. I have a short attention span

–But it’s awful damn far to get to a legit beach anyway
–Not that I have anything against Lake Erie. Or Mohawk.
–I procrastinate. Sometimes.
–For example. This is now the 3rd occasion I’ve sat down to work on this bio.
–All other Q92 jocks have done their bio’s already. But not me.
–I used to be addicted to Brisk raspberry iced tea. I quit cold turkey and don’t miss it. I’m proud! (you don’t understand how bad it was)
–I’m still addicted to sweets and this will never change. I’m a chocolate chip cookie aficionado
–I didn’t know that’s how you spelled “aficionado” til just now.
–speaking of spelling, I won the spelling bee in 5th grade at Barr Elementary. Failed epicly (which is not a word? ooook spell check) in 6th at Middlebranch though
–I didn’t graduate from HS at GlenOak. I’d tell you where, but that whole stalker problem again… (HI STALKERS!)
–speaking of high school, I started in radio with an internship my junior year
–light em up, up, up, I’m on fiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee
–I met Fall Out Boy once. They were cool. I think Patrick touched my ass. He prolly didn’t but it’s cool to say he did. ….ok no it’s not.
–Patrick is cooler than Pete. Yes…he is.
–is this long enough yet?
–who invented cinnamon? I’m addicted to that too.
–Best inventions: radio (so I can has job), air conditioning, cinnamon, chocolate chip cookies, women
–ok, some days women are top 3
–Marconi invented the radio. Wait that’s not about me.
–Not to be confused with macaroni.
–like the color purple, macaroni and cheese. ruby red slippers and a buncha trees.
–did I mention a short attention span?
–the 90′s were awesome. I grew up in them. Still love the music
–I hate the word “selfie”
–and the expression “miss your face”
–I wanna travel more and see more…biggest thing to work on from my ‘bucket list’ (hate that term too)
–I complain a lot. My mom used to yell at me for that. I think it’s part of my charm? ha! I use it to my advantage anyway
–I don’t get lost. I’m a human GPS. Got that from my dad
–I was always the youngest at the station…any station I’ve worked for. Until Kristie Kay came to work here. #gettingold #crap
–I worked for 2 other radio stations before coming to Q92. I’d tell you what they were but you don’t remember me from there at this point, nor do you care or
probably listen to them anymore
–I do imaging when I’m not on the air. You don’t know what that is. It has nothing to do with pictures though.
–Mo likes to call me ‘the glue that holds the station together’
–I never ate glue as a kid. Not that I recall.
–I’m kinda quiet til I get comfortable around you. Pretty much it’s because I’m a little weird, and I wanna see if you can appreciate it
–Oh, in addition to radio geek, I’m a weather geek. Weather fascinates the hell outta me and I wanna chase tornadoes someday
–I also love grocery stores. HELLO!! giant building full of food. WITH a bakery!
–I wanna live on the water someday. But idk how to swim lol
–for real, you stopped reading this didn’t you?
–I thought so
Hey, I love what I do, I like playing your favorite songs, introducing you to good newbies, and driving home with you from work or class…keeping you company
every afternoon. Thanks for that!
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